Thursday, June 4, 2015

Personal Advice to Freshman

Now listen here, soon to be freshman.
What you are about to hear is advice coming from experience.
So take note.
First off: Academics
This is the real big one.
If you have gotten into honors courses, well, brace yourself. A lot will be expected of you and you really need to step up your game. If you don’t, you’ll just fall. It won’t be an easy breeze.
And just so you know, conduct is not graded in high school. That doesn’t mean you can be a little runt though. Think about it; the teachers are the ones pulling the strings on your grades. They can easily affect you if you tick them off.
Secondly: Social Status
To me, usually social status isn’t a huge concern. But please, and I mean PLEASE open yourself up to making new friends. There are ton of new people, and here’s the shocking news; not ALL of them wants to eat your soul out.  And they don’t all have to be freshman either. You can expand to the other classes. They aren’t really beyond your reach.
As far as status goes, you don’t need to be popular. Do not try and accidently peak in high school. Not a good life choice.
Third of All: Clubs
In my opinion, clubs are great. They are a good option to meet up with friends (or even make new ones, reference to above). They always have something for you to do, no matter what club you are in.
Now, if you may have noticed, there are a LOT of clubs to choose from. My advice is to pick the ones that fits your interest and can coexist with your after school schedule. Nothing is worse than not being able to go to a club because of something after school. (For ex., I chose to do Art Club, but I had to miss quite a few meets because of Girl Scouts. Eventually it was able to work, though.
The Fourth: MCAS
You really need to pass this thing. If you don’t, you don’t graduate, plain and simple.
It’s also not as hard as it looks, so don’t get too flustered by it.

Well, that’s my advice for the soon-to-be freshman out there! Take or leave it, I don’t care. But let into your brain because you need this.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Advice to All Freshmen

Hello freshmen!
Welcome to Woburn High, and here’s some things you should all know about high school!
1-      At first glance, the school seems super huge, but trust me, it isn’t. It may look some labyrinth specifically designed to make you late for class, but it isn’t. It’s actually rather smaller than it appears, and I can assure you, you’ll find your way.
2-      Don’t worry about the stereotypical “mean teacher”. There are barely any of those here, most of the teachers seem to be rather nice, so take that into consideration. Also appreciate what they do for you!
3-      Please take grades VERY seriously. Words cannot described how close you are to college right now.
4-      Come into this school with a positive attitude! If you come in thinking you are going to butcher this whole shindig, then you won’t ever succeed! You just got to give it your all and make every moment count, and always have hope.
5-      You aren’t going to see all of your squad in all if your classes, let me tell you that right now, on May 28, 2015, at 3:03 in the afternoon as I type this, you barely see any of your close friends in your classes. That being said, you may-scratch that, you definitely want to think about making some new friends.
6-      The food they serve on the first day of school is just an illusion. It won’t stay as good for the rest of the year. Don’t get your hopes up for that.
7-      There is good chance you will get less time to do projects than you got in middle school, so plan accordingly!
8-      In some classes you won’t even GET projects, so that’s something to look forward to.
9-      Prepare for deep thinking.
10-  Get involved! Join some after school clubs! Trust me when I say this, they are a lot of fun, and can provide as a pretty good social gathering from what I have seen!
11-  You will be judged for everything you do, but it's okay because you are you and that's all that matters. So strut your stuff and forget about them. However, if they get too far, serve the justice necessary.
12-  Seniors act like they are superior to freshman, and that's because they are, so watch out. I mean it, they are the overlords of the school.
13-  Juniors shouldn't be acting like seniors though, so just ignore THEM. They can wait a year, but some are impatient.
14-  You can redeem yourself as a sophomore if you make any mistakes; I swear it is an option.

Good luck to you all!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter !#

                I REALLY shouldn’t be taking sides but Lawrence may be right.
                That’s not important though.
                So finally the kids are off tonight, doing their Halloween shing-dig, things, stuff…
                Let’s just have a look.
                Let’s look over at Joe, Will, Drake and Adam.
                Joe was standing with Will, talking about how to scare the kids. Since they weren’t your typical Halloween monsters, like Adam and Drake, Will was wearing a hockey mask and hoodie (both bloodstained) and Joe was just wearing a gas mask. I’m not gonna lie, with his stature and build, it’s actually pretty scary. That, and his voice is very low, so speaking through the gas mask would only add more intimidation. (Am I making any sense? Please someone tell me if I’m not.)
                 Anyhow, while they were discussing, Drake was off with Adam in the corner, smoking a cigarette. Adam was just looking at him. Then he spoke to Drake.
                “Hey man,” he started, “can I see that for a sec’?” He gestured at the cigarette.
                Drake passed it Adam, confused as to what he could want with it.
                Adam nodded. “Thanks.” He then proceeded to throw it into the sewer drain on in street.
                Drake stood in shock. He shook his head. “What was that for?”
                “It smells gross,” he simply replied, “Plus it’s bad for you.”
                Drake sighed. “Whatever.”
                Will clasped his hands. "Hey guys, just got awesome methods to scare the kids!"
                Drake rolled his eyes. Adam was ready to listen.
                "First," he began, "Drake's method. You stay all dark and shit like the way you are now, attitude and all, and when a kid comes up to you in curiosity, turn your face into a wolf."
                 "Just my face," he asked.
                 "Yep,"Will replied, "An example please?"
                 Drake sighed. He ran his hand through his pitch black hair as his face begin to twist in blackness. His transformations are magical rather natural, may I add. The cloud of blackness extended forward into a snout shape. When finished, his face was that of a black wolf's. The process lasted about 3 seconds.
                 Will smiled in delight. "Quick enough!"
                 Drake's face shifted back to his human-esk face.
                 Will continued. "Adam, you'll hide in the shadows and hiss at kids as they walk by. Joe will create thunder and lightning near kids who aren't suspecting. And for the kids who Joe isn't scaring, I'll roar my chainsaw behind them." He squeeled. "Eek, I can't wait to make kids piss themselves!"
                 Drake gave him a concerning. "You are something, you know that?"
                 That something is being the son of a sorcerer that tried to overthrow me.  Which is why I'm trying to make this kid as good as possible, since he was born half evil. For those who say evil isn't birthed, it's learned, and that's the only way, you're wrong. Literally, the Pauprins are long line of genetic evil, making them wicked in the worst ways. Usually the men would find a woman who is also genetically evil. But his father found a taught evil woman and birthed Will, making him only half evil. But I'm still concerned for that nut. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter !@

            So our plan eventually came down to this.
            We are going to be always activated when it comes to our powers. That way if we sense danger, we'll be automatically ready to fight them off. 

             Though what's the worst that could happen?
              Fighting them off should be realistically easy. There isn't much that has taken us out in the past, not even ourselves in simulations. (yeah I have this little simulation where I make the kids fight simulated versions of themselves, ex. Joe vs. Fake Cindy). I believe we can handle any problem.  

               I believe Amber, Cindy, Joe, Drake, Will, Xavier, Lauren, and Adam are going trick or treating, and Maxwell, Lawrence, Serene and Jennifer to watch them.

               Thank me that I have Jennifer to stabilize the three of them. I met her in India on the streets. She looked so sickly it was sad. I found out she was tactical, wise, and general off the charts smart; it was amazing. She also was the "calm down" girl of their team. Role: Goddess of Earth and Knowledge, associated with Athena.

                I overheard their conversation. From what I heard, it went like this.

                Lawrence: It was you, wasn't it?
                Maxwell: Why would it have been me?

                L: Because, you showed some pretty obvious discomfort towards them. Plus, you'd be the only one who would even be willing to kill them.

                M: I'm hurt. I truly am. Why one EARTH would I kill our friends. And may I add that this was years ago. Why are you bringing it up?

                L: Because this marks the twelve year anniversary of their deaths. They died on Halloween, which happens to be your favorite holiday.

                M: Okay, can you not? I didn't kill them.

                L: Sure you didn't.

                M: I DIDN'T.

                Serene: Lawrence stop it, he probably, he, you aren't going to believe this, but he probably didn't kill them.

                L: Don't be wise.

                S: Don't be accusing and bossy. 

                Jennifer: I can't believe this is even a discussion.

                M: Same.

                L: Well let's look at the evidence. He disliked them, and they always suggested Maxwell as the chew toy. Maxwell was always more hostile to them. Halloween is and has always been his favorite holiday. 

                M: None of that meant anything.

                S: Seriously.
                J: I'll believe Maxwell killed them when I have the physical proof.

                L: Why don't any of you guys believe me?

                S: Because you always pick at Maxwell for this kind of shit. I get it, he does very questionable things and wouldn't even be considered a true hero.

                M: Thanks. 

                S: Anytime. But he wouldn't go as far as to kill our friends.  

                L: Okay, if he didn't do it, who did?

                J: We still don't know, Lawrence.

                M: I still don't understand why tonight specifically is so important.

                L: Well, twelve is an important number to us, so god forbid you do something harmful to us tonight. By tradition.

                M: If I even wanted to do that, you'd be the only one I want to kill. Everyone else treats me just fine, unlike you, Lawrence, dear. 

                S: Ha! How does that burn feel Lawrence?

                M: No, Serene. No.

                S: Well then.

                J: I believe we should get ready for the night.

                And that's when I believe they dispersed. 

                Ironically enough, the death of those kids I did not see. Completely out of my grasp, which leads me to kind of side by Lawrence on this one...


Friday, April 17, 2015

Welcome to Fitzville

Book !, Chapter !!

                !!! Ah, what of the exclamation points?!!!
                While I took that thought I looked over at the scene before me. The children were standing behind me, displaying much fear and confusion. In front of me was Lawrence, fighting off Maxwell with a sword, as Maxwell was attempted to (I assume) cut off his head, with a staff that had a wood saw blade attached to the end. Serene was slapping Maxwell in the back with dull parts of her triton and Lisa was in the middle, trying to separate the giants.
                What. The. F***.
                “Excuse me!” I legitimately screamed, “What is going on?”
                They all stopped, Maxwell shutting of the whir of the blade. They looked at me, with the “We are gonna get in trouble” face.
                “Jesus Christ,” I said, “The KIDS have more maturity than you FULL GROWN ADULTS.”
                They all put their weapons away. Lisa strode up to me and looked at me, magenta eyes sparkling at me. “I’m really sorry, my lady.”
                “Kiss ass!” shouted Maxwell, who was then hit by the blunt part of Serene’s triton.
                Just then a young man walked in, twenty three years in age. His name was George.
                Yes, George. I met him in the forest, lost without his aunt. He was lost for a while, left a bit rabid and in survival mode. He however changed over the years into a calm, pacifist man. Role: God of Forest and Joy, associated with Demeter.
                …I love George. He is the most amazing, caring human I have met in my selections. He is just…I don’t know. I have feelings for him.
                ‘Oh he’s so dreeeeeaaamyyy’
                Shut up Maxwell and get out of the narration spot.
                Pff you don’t control what I do.
                Yes I do.
                He walked in and took a seat. “Hey Franky,”he said.
                All SOFTLY and whatnot.
                Max I swear to God.
                Fine, yeesh.
                As I was saying…
                “Hey George,” I responded back. “Welcome back.”
                “I…never really left,” said George.
                “Yeah,” I chuckled, “right…”
                I feel like I am hindering this tale with my dreams.
                "So," said George,"Jennifer isn't able to come to this, and Alex and Isabelle have band practice. I'll just relay the information if you'd like."
                "That would be great, thank you."
                That being said, it's about time we have gotten started.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

                A girl stood in front of a metal doorway. She had just a tank top and jeans on, despite the cold weather. Weather never was an issue to her, for even the harshest of storms wouldn't bother her. She tapped her foot and waited patiently.
               The girl's name was CeCe. Her light periwinkle eyes shimmered as the moon in the sky floated directly above her. The wind blew against her face. Finally the doors opened slowly, inviting her in. She smiled, proceeding.
               Inside was a jumble of cords and cables, all leading to something hidden in the shadows. She cleared her throat. "I'm ready sir."
               A voice as hoarse as gears grinding answered from the shadows. "Great, CeCe. I expect for you to be careful, yes?"
              She shrugged. "Eh."  



Thursday, April 9, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter !)

            'Tis the night of the good night, it's Halloween, folks!

            "The hell it is," snarled Drake as he walked by me.

            Tonight I was getting everyone rounded up for tonight's plan, brought to you by Cindy Iku. Luckily, all my old little soldiers could show up (last generation, or the nine that are left of it). These are now god elites in my system (which grants them immortality, yes, when I say god, I mean GOD).

            To be honest, I've formed a bond with all them, and their personalities shine as bright as their element.

            First there's Lawrence. 'Met him when he was separated from his family in what is now Russia at thirteen, and I was his motherly figure ever since. He has shown to have a brave heart and soul, loyal to the cause of justice and obeying. Role: God of the Sky and Dragons, associated with Zeus. 

            Then there is Maxwell. You know about him already, and his horrid past. How we met exactly was in England, after he just been in a fight with some bullies and lost. His past work with me has shown how dark he is and cynical he can be, and sick-minded. But, in the end, he has shown to be strong, independent, and rather artistic as well. Role: God of Nightmares and Darkness, associated with Hades.

            There is also Serene. Her name suits her well. I met her at a coastline, where she got lost at the shore after being taken to beach for fun and left by her Nanny in Italy. She was worried sick, but damn a child could not look more beautiful crying than she did. She really is a kind woman, good at tactics and plans as well, almost like a true fighter. Role: Goddess of Sea and Beauty, associated with Poseidon. 

            The youngest is Lisa. She is the youngest at twenty-five, and is the most optimistic person I know. I met her in Peru when her home was being attacked. (I have a very odd pattern at finding kids in devastating situations) . She is so happy and fun, and always keeping the situation as such. Role: Goddess of Dreams and Light, associated with Aphrodite.

            That's all who's here so far, however. 

            I sat up straight and gave each of the four of them glances. "Good evening, everyone."

            "Not everyone is here yet," said Lawrence,"Won't they miss the information?"

            "They can easily catch up," retorted Maxwell.


            "Jeez guys!" I shouted, "I haven't even said I was starting, calm yourselves."

            They all fell silent and just looked around. "Sorry..."said Lisa silently. 

            "It's okay Lisa."

            "Yeah there's no need of apologizing," said Maxwell.

            "Max, shut the eff up,"said Serene. Hey, I didn't say she was ALWAYS 24/7 kind. 

            Now all we have to do is wait for people to show up, though. 


Friday, April 3, 2015

The Book Thief Review

All in all, the film adaptation of The Book Thief was pretty good. It caught interest, though was not found to be too spectacular in certain eyes. It was not a bad film, no, but it was not great either. Allow explanation. The acting and story put together was phenomenal. It was nearly perfect, and overall very well put together. Not bad, as said before. However, what is faulty is more of whether or not the plot of the movie or the casting fit the actual book storyline itself. With this, there were, in my opinion, some parts and such that could have been fixed within this film.
                One thing that could be fixed is the casting. Most of the casting seemed to fit everyone and every character, it will be admitted. But, some characters could have had a more fitting role. For example, Sophie Nelisse did not really fit the character of Liesel Meminger. Upon reading the book, it was expected to picture in one’s head Liesel being more portrayed as a younger looking character. Nelisse seemed to have more of a mature look than preferred. What was pictured to be Liesel looks nothing like Nelisse. There could have been a bit younger looking of an actress to play the part.
                The most disappointing thing about this adaptation was the lack of certain points from within the plot of the movie itself. So many cases and incidents were left out, and it is really upsetting. Upon watching it, excitement and anticipation was raised as the waiting for a certain part form the book to begin and continue. But, hearts were sunken as those details never came on the screen, and disappointment became the more prominent emotion. What makes this even more awful is the fact that major and important parts were left out. For example, one anticipated scene was possibly Max’s dream that he has. This specific dream is when he was put in a ring and was engaging in a fight with Adolf Hitler. It was a unique dream, and would have been really amazing if it would be adapted into action. Unfortunately, that did not happen. This scene shows great part in the plotline, showing struggle within Max as he tries to avoid the wrath of Hitler. It shows him standing up to him and taking him on, but still falling back. This and many other scenes were left out, even with their importance.
                The movie also did not have certain characters, which would ultimately lead to more scenes from the book not put in film that are related to that character. For example, Timmy, the child who had an ear injury that causes him to twitch. He was not put in the movie. This leads to Rudy not defending him, and that scene showed great character from Rudy. Frau Hotzelpof was not introduced either, thus the movie lacked of Liesel reading to her, which also showed character, but within Liesel. In conclusion this movie was fine, but it did not meet to expectations.     


Friday, March 27, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter (

            In the end, a plan was made. They were going to simply keep a look out for anything suspicious and investigate it if necessary.

            Francine just stared at them in shock. "That's it?"

            "YES," said Amber is exhaustion, "What part of 'not a super intricate and extravagant plan' do you not understand? This plan is great: it's short, simple, productive, and so on."

            "Whatever..." Francine then continued on Instagram, just flipping through.

            In the other room were Drake, Adam, and Will. They were discussing Halloween as well.
            "What do you mean you guys aren't coming with me?!" shouted Will.

            "We mean this, Will," Drake started, "Scaring kids on Halloween with bats, wolf howls, and chainsaws was fun, like, two years ago. It's getting old, dude."


            "No buts Will," Drake sighed, "I ain't doing it."

            Will turned to Adam and opened his mouth to speak.

            "No," said Adam sternly.

            Will turned away upset. He crossed his arms and pouted. "I thought you guys were my friends."

            Drake shook his head. "Will, you know very well that's not what we mean."

           "What's not what you mean?" A low, serious voice came from the hallway. At the door was Joe standing there, arms crossed.

           "Joe," whined Will, "They won't go out with me-"

           "'Cause I'm straight Will, and Adam's an Ace, and you know that. I've told you a thousand times. Plus I got a girlfriend."

           Which this is actually a lie. Yes, Adam is asexual, Will is homosexual, but Drake was born with a bisexual preference. He constantly lies about the fact he likes guys too, plus from watching them in the past Drake started to be more hostile once Will came out (the two are best friends at heart I swear). My analysis: Drake=slightly homophobic. That could possibly be a reason why he hates his father as well, what interferes with their chemistry. Maxwell was also born with a bisexual preference, but is more content and confident about it.

           Sorry about the interruption, I just hate it when Drake says he's straight.


           Will bit his lip in frustration. "Not what I was going to say, Drake."

           "Go on," said Joe.

          "What I was saying was they won't go out with me for Halloween! You know, doing the usually spooky stuff!"

          "C'mon, Joe," said Drake,"Back me up here! This whole scaring kid prank is getting old. WE'RE getting old. We're fifteen, Will, and I don't even know how old Adam is!"

          379 years and 2 months.

          Drake smiled. "C'mon, am I right?"

          Joe stood there. He pushed up his sunglasses. "Tradition doesn't end until all members of that tradition agree." He pulled Will's frail body to his side. Will standing next to Joe is like a stick standing next to a tree. Joe kept a straight face. "I'll come with him if you teenage losers won't."

          "What?!" shouted Drake, "But dude, you're like seventeen or something."

          Contrary, Joe turned eighteen back in July.

         "What is your point?"

         "Two points; one, your way to old to be doing stuff like that, and two, you're a teen too, so that made no sense!"

         "You made no sense as well," said Joe, voice deepening,"One, I don't care, I will make thunder and lightning to scare kids and make them piss themselves if it means going with Drake. Two, I'm a legalized adult. Want to try again?"

         All Drake could do was groan, as he knew the conversation is leading up to this: he AND Adam are going with Will, and possibly Joe. Great night! (cough cough, not for Drake)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter *

                Obviously his name comes from the god damn company. He doesn’t even call himself that, it’s just a name I gave him after the fact.
                I’m guessing you might have another question to ask, maybe two.
                The possible questions being:
1: Why is he going rogue? What’s his plan?
That I can answer with just simply corruption. I’m still researching on what exactly caused that. (because I create life, this isn’t in my field, all this chemical electric whatnot)
I’m sorry. That was uncalled for.
2: If you know that he’s got something evil planned, and you’re Mother Nature, why don’t you just beat him now?
Kid, it ain’t that easy.
Seriously, if it was THAT easy, I would change him back to good old Cass.
Also, because once he starts putting this plan in action, I’m going to send my little soldiers there to defeat him. This doesn’t include Xavier, though. He’s here more for support. He and a few others already got a hero thing going on.
Now that everything’s been explained, let’s get a move on.
Amber, Francine, and Cindy were in Francine’s room that night before Halloween. They were getting their costumes together, except for Francine. Francine has a job to do the next night, so she couldn’t go trick or treating. As I said before, she works for God as well. Why he decided to schedule something on Halloween I don’t know. It might have to do with age, since Francine is sixteen. Amber and Cindy are both two years younger than her, and were pretty upset she couldn’t come trick or treating.
That year Amber was going as gothic zombie girl of some sort and Cindy was going to be a witch.
“Cindy, you were a witch last year,” said Amber as she got on her costume. Amber then noticed the dress she was wearing. It was a lot shorter and looser than last year’s (and the year before that, and the year before that). So obviously, this was a little weird.
“What’s with new dress style?”
“Just in case,” said Cindy. She hung her dress up on a hanger and put it on Francine’s bed, where she scrolling through Instagram on her cellphone.
“Of what?” asked Amber.
“Of an attack,” muttered Cindy.
“When has there ever been an attack though?” Francine added.
Amber turned to Francine and gave her a “really?” look. “You’re questioning the psychic, Francine?”
Francine pondered. “Well, God hasn’t told me anything was to come yet.”
“Yeah, but,” Amber gestured to Cindy, “She’s PSYCHIC.”
Francine was silent.
Amber shook her head. “Do you know what a psychic IS?”
Francine nodded.
“Then what is the confusion?”
She shrugged.
                “Well, whatever then,” said Amber as she got her black and green wig out to brush it. “The point is Cindy’s probably right, so we should plan something before tomorrow night.”
                “What if nothing happens though?”
                “THEN WE WON’T MAKE IT A SUPER INTRICATE AND EXTRAVAGANT PLAN!!!” shouted Amber, arms flailing about.
                I myself can only pray.  

Friday, March 6, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter &

                One question is probably on your mind right now; if you guys are super hero-ish, what in the holy hell are you guys doing sleeping and playing video games and whatnot? Well I’ll tell you what. It’s as simple as the enemy hasn’t struck yet.
                THE enemy.
                To imply, ONE major enemy.
                Who, may you ask?
                You know those calculators and pianos that have the brand “CASIO” on it? No? Go check your calculator then because I bet $100 that thing is CASIO branded.
                Well anyways, not long back I worked in a facility that the designing of CASIO products were established that was set up right here in Fitzville. What I do, basically, is transform myself into Franky Tanner, 24 year old woman with short spiky hair and a mouthful of bubble gum. I was working with a man named Cassidy Banks. He was petite, all short and frail, but was pretty excited and passionate about his ideas.  He wasn’t really a bad guy. Trustworthy too, for I told him my secret about who I am. He was the only person who wasn’t associated with my cause that I have told them within this century. (2000s, in case you’re wondering). He never said anything about it to anyone.
                More often than not at work, the other employees would rag on him for his ideas, and that lowered his confidence a tad bit. But I’d always be there for support. One day he was in his office building something that straight up looked sketchy and dangerous, seeing as how he was wearing some sort of protection gear on his face and gloves (usually in his experimental down time, he’d smoke a pipe to relax himself, but he didn’t this time). Some of the rather unruly employees came in and starting doing their typical ragging, calling him a low life for bothering to do this. I watched at the doorway, because this time, I wanted to test him to see if he could handle the situation himself.
                Dear god I wish I had stepped in.
                They got physical on him, and he couldn’t put the fight. They eventually pushed him into his project, were he had gotten a small shard of it in his skin and electrocuted himself. At the moment I thought “Holy crap I gotta help him NOOOW”, but then I thought, “It’s just a small shock and small piece of metal, it shouldn’t hurt him that bad.” And I was right, it didn’t hurt him to bad. It made, stronger, in fact.
                But, in a very bad way.
                He stood up as they laughed and walked away from him. I watch him walk up to the man who pushed him down and BOOM! Punched him right down, full fury and force. I was so shocked.  Then I noticed something sparking within him, something unnatural (this is what those fancy shmancy scientists call “mutations”, kids!). He started to wham on the others without hesitation, and I saw him…change. His skin began to harden and body began to shift. His body grew thicker and he grew taller. His even hardened into metal and his clothes changed into something mechanical (what even). He grew and grew before my eyes and he eventually burst through the ceiling (about 15 ft). Dust and plaster eventually cleared up when I finally saw him. He looked, how do I say, robotic?  He stood over me, sharpened and hardened and everything. He looked like himself, except mechanic-fied.
                That was the day Cass went rogue and turned into The Casio

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Who or What is Courage?

What is courage?
That is the question asked
Well let me tell you something about courage
Have you ever felt the urge
To do something that is isn’t something
That would almost flow?
You wanted to do it
But you were second guessing yourself
You did it anyways
Because you had the strength to do it
That right there was courage

It feels warm
It feels energizing
It feels powerful
It makes you
Feel like you can do
The feeling of courage
Is better than energy drink
It’s that shot of energy and adrenaline
That allows you to move forth

Another question is raised however
An uncommonly thought query:
Who is courage?
Well I’ll tell you who
Courage is youthful
He’s full of energy and will take on
He thinks before acting
To see if it’s right in the first place
Then he’ll fight with passion
With a sword to represent
The brave warriors from long ago

Courage has had many enemies
But all have been no match
Except for one
Who always returns for another round
That enemy is Fear
Fear is logical
He sees the odds and laughs at anyone
Who even tries to go against them
Claims the failure to be true
Fear constantly asks to Courage
“What if?”
He gets into Courage’s thoughts
And gives him the harsh reality

But is the one
The one that gives him the power
To defeat Fear?
Two beautiful women
Who have guided him through his life;
Hope and Willpower
Hope shows him
That chances of victory rather than failure
Willpower fills him
With the strength and control to claim
The victory

A swing of the sword
The one filled with brave warriors
Defeats Fear
All of him
At least for now
So that Courage can keep going
Onward with his journey
Through all of our hearts
He wants to help us keep going
Courage is
The brave warrior
Inside of all of us

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter ^

                Oh my, where should I even begin with Maxwell?
                He’s definitely a top favorite of mine. After all, he’s second in the top three sub-deities. Call him the Hades if you will. (And the Lawrence would be the Zeus and Serene is the Poseidon, but let’s save them for another day). It’s just, well, he’s done some-no, MANY questionable things. So no, I wouldn’t consider him a good person, but he still has heart. Not to be that person, but his actions are probably the reason his son hates him; Drake. Yes, that grouchy wolf kid you met in the first chapter? This is his dad. Yeah.
                Well, let’s start. First his pros.
                -He has a soft spot for children.
                -He honestly tries to do what’s best.
                -He has a decent personality—good sense of humor (though can be sick), nice to his friends, etc.
                And now the cons.
                -That soft spot for children is a LITTLE creepy sometimes.
                -He’s a huge control freak.
                -He’s incredibly sadistic and masochistic (he’s just a guy that enjoys pain in general)
                -Bloodthirsty effer. Incredibly.
                -He has the mood swings of a PMS-ing teenage girl.
                -He loves the most violent way possible, even though we are a peaceful organization.
                Why did listing his cons feel good I don’t know.
                But anyways, I can’t blame him though. His parents were slaughtered right in front of him and his siblings when he was five. And he was the youngest. Then he’s was split from his siblings in the adoption/foster system and was put in a crappy house full of drunks. I think you might know how THAT turned out. Then he had that ONE teacher at school that always made him feel like shit, which encouraged the other students to do the same, and that just wore on his mentality for years. (With a dramatic far fetched story you'd probably wouldn't believe me but TRUST ME it happened, as scary as it is) And once he got his abilities and was awakened, that did not help.
                When you get awakened by me, your powers affect your personality/mentality a bit. For example, awakening a passionate, bright, hot power like fire will make louder, more confident, and even angrier (Alex).
                So that being said, Maxwell’s power is darkness, fear, and nightmares. You can probably guess that this didn’t put a positive spin on his personality.
                But either, way, I’d wish he’d be a better role model, at least for his son.
                While Will was getting treated, Maxwell decided to visit Drake’s room. He creaked open his bedroom door and slipped in, taking the form of a black cat. He hopped onto Drake’s bed and circled around him. Drake happened to have taken the form of a Siberian husky while he slept. Maxwell sat close to him and began to rub himself against him, trying to wake him up (this all sounds really odd I know but keep in mind they are animals right now). He purred. “Oh, my dearest son?”
                Drake growled and slowly opened his eyes. He glared at Maxwell. “What do you want Dad?”
                “I can’t come say goodnight to my own son?”
                “I went to bed three hours ago Dad.”
                “Hmph. Well, you should have told me.”
                “I would have put you to bed.”
                “I’m not five anymore Dad. Add ten years, in case you haven’t caught up.” He rolled over.
                As sad as it is, the most conflicting relationship that Maxwell has is with his own son.


Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter %

Bea was sitting in her room during that conversation with her cousin Marshal. She was on her bed, and he was at the foot of it, watching in silence as she played yet ANOTHER one of those shooting games. (Seriously people this is what you’re doing with the discovery of electricity I gave you? Then you wonder why violence has raised over the years.) She happened to be doing very good at this one.
                “Marshal, you wanna play,” she asked.
                Marshal shook his head. The boy never says much, and when he does, it’s only when absolutely necessary. I don’t know why though. Maybe it is because he feels more comfortable when not speaking, or maybe he’s afraid of saying something harsh. I don’t know. He’s always been a bit of an enigma.
                “Whatever,” she said. Muttering to herself after fact, she said, “You’re saving yourself from an ass kicking anyways.”
                Marshal has never been a fan of his cousin’s cockiness. With her being only twelve, and him fifteen, it was almost natural for him to be concerned for her future. He always wondered where her attitude would get her in the real world.

                Meanwhile, a woman with bright orange hair and the smoothest of dark skin was giving Will a therapy session. Her name was Jennifer Crys, a master of the mind and knowledge. She’s one of my finest sub-deities (meaning second generation), though a little colder than desired (not that this has anything to do with anything, but her daughter’s a little pain).
                So the session began. “William,” she started.
                “Will. Just Will.”
                She cleared her throat and adjusted her glasses. “Okay, Will. When you are bored, what do you feel like doing-and give me an APPROPRIATE answer this time. I’m tired of asking that question and getting a disgusting answer.”
                “Then just stop asking that question.” He smirked.
                “Will. Answer it.”
                “Fine,” he sighed, “I feel like…going out and doing the daily justice.”
                “Fine I’ll lay the truth on you. I go out and slaughter anyone who’s seems off. Or if you want an elegant answer, I ice sculpt in my room.”
                Jennifer just stared at him.
                “What? My chainsaw can’t have more than one use?”
                “No Will, it’s just…” She sat there for a moment. “It’s just we haven’t seem to have made ANY progress on your mental stability.”
                “Well, why are you bothering?”
                “Because anyone who is going to be affiliated with the Facio must be abiding to the common law.”
                Thanks for formally using my real name Jen. Thanks. Way to make me sound like a crone.
                “But what about Maxwell?”
                She gulped. “Um…what about him?”
                “That’s what I’m asking you.”
                “But what exactly about him?”
                “That’s my question!”
                “Yes, I know, but what ABOUT him, Will?”
                “Jeez…who’s on first Jen?”
                I know what she’s doing though. She is deliberately avoiding bringing up Maxwell and his habits…and she really should, especially if we are trying to STOP Will from killing, not give him an idol. The only reason this kid’s not in jail is because I took him in.

                I wish Maxwell would just behave though…

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ace of Hearts
            This last card was very interesting. I liked how it was personal then others, when the names were touching upon Ritchie, Marv, and Audrey. It was probably a bit easier to solve than the others, since they are his friends, and he already knows what their problems were (except for Marv’s child, though, that was new information for Ed). However, I would guess executing the tasks were more difficult, since they were more on the personal level. How easy would it be telling your love you do in fact love them? Probably very hard. So that would probably be the challenge of this card. I also enjoyed the fact it was around Christmas time, so it almost acted like an additional Christmas gift for his friends. As they say, “Tis the season of giving”. Overall, Ed was giving hope.
            The most challenging, like I said in the previous paragraph (Or what I would guess, given it seems to be difficult) was confessing his love to Audrey. The way he did it was romantic too. And the love he received back was very touching indeed. This, however, disproved my theory that he would fall for Sophie.
            The fact Marv had a child shocked. My theory is that is why he’s a bit of a jerk all the time, and why he gets mad fairly easily; he’s probably stressing over the fact that he had left a child, and he was slowly making up for it using his forty-thousand dollars that he has been saving up, not even touching the account. It shows though how much he actually cares, and for that I like him a little more. And Ed confronting Marv’s girlfriend’s father about the way he was treating Marv, it showed how much he cares about what Marv is doing to fix the situation.
            This card was a card that was a bit of a transition. It started off with Ed nearly losing his mind over the Ace of Hearts. He heard and saw “hearts” everywhere, as he claims. I am not entirely cure what that meant, but my guess it would mean he could not stop thinking about this one card. It was probably because it was the last one, too, so he must have been afraid of what was the challenge to come from this card. But as we progress in this part, the mood is lifted as Ed makes miracle after miracle, helping his friends and having a good time during the holiday season.

            Whoever chose him to be the “messenger”, however, is very frightening to me. In order to know all the information they do, they would have to either be closer then Ed thinks, like a friend or family member, or be stalking him. I hope it is someone close to him, because the thought of someone stalking him and making these challenges for him to do is a bit unsettling. This would have to be something we would find out in the last part: The Joker.     

Friday, January 9, 2015

The following is an excerpt of a story I have recently written:

I do remember Elliot’s child. His name was Rupert, I believe. He was a rather happy child, and was always trying to do things to make others happy. One time when Elliot invited me for dinner with his family, his son came dashing into the living room, clown make up messily scribbled on his face, giggling happily. He hugged my legs tight and was so excited to see me. He was five at the time, and his brown hair was messy and curly, and his freckles were splattered across his cheeks.
And he kept those traits until recently. One night Elliot rushed three boys into the emergency room on stretchers. One of them, unfortunately, being his son. The boys were badly burned. I couldn’t see Rupert’s freckles, for they have been covered by blood from his wounds. His messy curly hair was now scorched. In fact, all three of the boys were in this condition. They received immediate treatment, however, only one survive. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Rupert.
These boys had passed at such a young age, too. THe other, Gordon, was fifteen, and Rupert was thirteen. We don’t know how, but they became short of breathing. It was hard to watch Elliot weep at his own son’s bedside. I remember when he first came here to America from England, he told me the many goals he had for here. One of them, very specific.
“I hope as well as any doctor with family would, that I should never have to work on one of my own family members.”
It’s unfortunate how that never came true. I put my hand on his shoulder as he cried, holding his son's hand firmly. I’m not even sure what happened exactly, but it must have been awful enough to take two out of three young boys’ lives. But, it isn’t my business, so I shouldn’t get involved with it.
Days later a man of about twenty years old had to have surgery, and Elliot and I were part of the team to do the procedure. And of course, we did, but it was a two part surgery, and only part one was done that day. After the fact, Elliot had stayed behind to do a check over.
Our procedure for part one involved mending the rib cage. Our patient had been hit by a city bus when on his way to his school, just nearby the campus, supposedly. Crushed his chest and fractured the skull upon landing. To be honest, I felt rather sorry for the kid.
So after Elliot had left the room I invited him into the cafeteria while we were on a break. I decided to ask the curious question on my mind.
"What exactly were you doing in the room after the surgery?"
He paused and sipped his coffee slowly. "Oh. Well, if I should be honest." Another pause. "I was wishing good luck. Telling him that we will try to fix everything."
"Why just try?"
"I...I'm sorry?"
"Trying suggests the possibility of failure."
All of a sudden he glared at me, enraged. However, it didn't really seem to look like him. It's like got...darker. Like, his tone just seemed very dark and his eyes...just dark. It also looked like the color of not only from his skin, but his clothes as well, have drained out of him a bit.
"We both know very well it could fail, Clyde." he growled at me.
I closed my eyes and took a breath. "I was just trying to be optimistic." When I opened my eyes again Elliot looked normal. As if he didn't just completely have pure hatred within him.
"Well, it is very much appreciated."
It didn't seem appreciated about thirty seconds beforehand.