Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter ^

                Oh my, where should I even begin with Maxwell?
                He’s definitely a top favorite of mine. After all, he’s second in the top three sub-deities. Call him the Hades if you will. (And the Lawrence would be the Zeus and Serene is the Poseidon, but let’s save them for another day). It’s just, well, he’s done some-no, MANY questionable things. So no, I wouldn’t consider him a good person, but he still has heart. Not to be that person, but his actions are probably the reason his son hates him; Drake. Yes, that grouchy wolf kid you met in the first chapter? This is his dad. Yeah.
                Well, let’s start. First his pros.
                -He has a soft spot for children.
                -He honestly tries to do what’s best.
                -He has a decent personality—good sense of humor (though can be sick), nice to his friends, etc.
                And now the cons.
                -That soft spot for children is a LITTLE creepy sometimes.
                -He’s a huge control freak.
                -He’s incredibly sadistic and masochistic (he’s just a guy that enjoys pain in general)
                -Bloodthirsty effer. Incredibly.
                -He has the mood swings of a PMS-ing teenage girl.
                -He loves the most violent way possible, even though we are a peaceful organization.
                Why did listing his cons feel good I don’t know.
                But anyways, I can’t blame him though. His parents were slaughtered right in front of him and his siblings when he was five. And he was the youngest. Then he’s was split from his siblings in the adoption/foster system and was put in a crappy house full of drunks. I think you might know how THAT turned out. Then he had that ONE teacher at school that always made him feel like shit, which encouraged the other students to do the same, and that just wore on his mentality for years. (With a dramatic far fetched story you'd probably wouldn't believe me but TRUST ME it happened, as scary as it is) And once he got his abilities and was awakened, that did not help.
                When you get awakened by me, your powers affect your personality/mentality a bit. For example, awakening a passionate, bright, hot power like fire will make louder, more confident, and even angrier (Alex).
                So that being said, Maxwell’s power is darkness, fear, and nightmares. You can probably guess that this didn’t put a positive spin on his personality.
                But either, way, I’d wish he’d be a better role model, at least for his son.
                While Will was getting treated, Maxwell decided to visit Drake’s room. He creaked open his bedroom door and slipped in, taking the form of a black cat. He hopped onto Drake’s bed and circled around him. Drake happened to have taken the form of a Siberian husky while he slept. Maxwell sat close to him and began to rub himself against him, trying to wake him up (this all sounds really odd I know but keep in mind they are animals right now). He purred. “Oh, my dearest son?”
                Drake growled and slowly opened his eyes. He glared at Maxwell. “What do you want Dad?”
                “I can’t come say goodnight to my own son?”
                “I went to bed three hours ago Dad.”
                “Hmph. Well, you should have told me.”
                “I would have put you to bed.”
                “I’m not five anymore Dad. Add ten years, in case you haven’t caught up.” He rolled over.
                As sad as it is, the most conflicting relationship that Maxwell has is with his own son.


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  1. I love this Hannah, you always had an amazing imagination that will take you far!