Thursday, April 9, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter !)

            'Tis the night of the good night, it's Halloween, folks!

            "The hell it is," snarled Drake as he walked by me.

            Tonight I was getting everyone rounded up for tonight's plan, brought to you by Cindy Iku. Luckily, all my old little soldiers could show up (last generation, or the nine that are left of it). These are now god elites in my system (which grants them immortality, yes, when I say god, I mean GOD).

            To be honest, I've formed a bond with all them, and their personalities shine as bright as their element.

            First there's Lawrence. 'Met him when he was separated from his family in what is now Russia at thirteen, and I was his motherly figure ever since. He has shown to have a brave heart and soul, loyal to the cause of justice and obeying. Role: God of the Sky and Dragons, associated with Zeus. 

            Then there is Maxwell. You know about him already, and his horrid past. How we met exactly was in England, after he just been in a fight with some bullies and lost. His past work with me has shown how dark he is and cynical he can be, and sick-minded. But, in the end, he has shown to be strong, independent, and rather artistic as well. Role: God of Nightmares and Darkness, associated with Hades.

            There is also Serene. Her name suits her well. I met her at a coastline, where she got lost at the shore after being taken to beach for fun and left by her Nanny in Italy. She was worried sick, but damn a child could not look more beautiful crying than she did. She really is a kind woman, good at tactics and plans as well, almost like a true fighter. Role: Goddess of Sea and Beauty, associated with Poseidon. 

            The youngest is Lisa. She is the youngest at twenty-five, and is the most optimistic person I know. I met her in Peru when her home was being attacked. (I have a very odd pattern at finding kids in devastating situations) . She is so happy and fun, and always keeping the situation as such. Role: Goddess of Dreams and Light, associated with Aphrodite.

            That's all who's here so far, however. 

            I sat up straight and gave each of the four of them glances. "Good evening, everyone."

            "Not everyone is here yet," said Lawrence,"Won't they miss the information?"

            "They can easily catch up," retorted Maxwell.


            "Jeez guys!" I shouted, "I haven't even said I was starting, calm yourselves."

            They all fell silent and just looked around. "Sorry..."said Lisa silently. 

            "It's okay Lisa."

            "Yeah there's no need of apologizing," said Maxwell.

            "Max, shut the eff up,"said Serene. Hey, I didn't say she was ALWAYS 24/7 kind. 

            Now all we have to do is wait for people to show up, though. 


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