Thursday, December 11, 2014

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter $

            That night S.I.M.O.N. had been awoken by his slumber by a horrid nightmare. Hearing his cry, and as a true leader and Bro, Joe rushed out of bed and to S.I.M.O.N.'s room. He knocked on the door and called for him. "Come in," replied S.I.M.O.N., trembling.

            When Joe entered the room, he found S.I.M.O.N. with his blanket around his body, as if he was hiding from something. Joe sighed. "Are you alright?"

            "Not really," he said, "To be honest, I'm a little chilly, and well I think I crapped my pants."

            Joe fell silent. "That's nice..." said Joe awkwardly.

            "Sorry. I just got really freaked out by my dream."

            "What happened in it?"

            S.I.M.O.N. sighed and moaned with disturbance. "Well, I was in dark place; it was mix between a lava pit and a cave. I was walking around and looking at different kinds of gems and minerals. They were glowing, and there was a trail of them running down a path. I followed the path to what looked like a spider's web, with fairies of my kind tied in the webbing. However, they shrieked at the sight of me, and told me to scram off, calling me a tyrant and such. But then I became aware of what they were truly screaming at."

            "What were they screaming at?"



            "Let me elaborate."

            "Please do."

            "I turned around to see a giant...spider thing. It was like a half fairy half spider monster. It had a lower body of a spider, like a centaur but with spider legs instead of horse legs. But it had arms like mantis arms, except not green. They matched the color of the spider legs. But the exoskeleton, I guess, was almost rocky, because it looked like it grew off in chunks off the body, rather than having it naturally blend together."

            "This is very vivid detail for a dream."

            "Well, it happened. There were six more smaller mantis pincers on its back, again, looking a bit rock-like."

            "So, ultimately, it had sixteen legs?"

            "Yes for Mother Goose's sake can I finish the freaking story?"

            "Yes. Sorry."

            "Anyways, the most shocking part about this monster was his face and midsection."

            "Why the midsection?"

            "OH MY GOD JOE. SERIOUSLY."

            "I'm just saying, it's fairly specific."

            " And I'm just saying shut the hell up. Questions afterwards."

            "Very well."

            "Thank you. So, the midsection and face were very familiar to me, because was me. Except with a bunch of red glossy eyes  on my chest and face, and I had these huge, like, three inch long fangs."

            "What was the color of the spider parts?"

            "Brow- wait why does it matter? You've been blind since the day you were born!"

            "Just making sure you're okay. Generally when you're in your, 'out of gourd freak out' moments, you tend to forget things like I'm blind, Will hears more voices then yours, and Cindy has three eyes."

            "Oh. Gotcha."

            "You seemed panicked."

            "Well, thank you for caring." S.I.M.O.N. sighed. "So anyway, upon looking at the...THING...I was terrified. Like, fell down terrified. It stood above me and uttered only a two words before it jabbed me with a pincer and I woke up; 'I'm waiting'."


            S.I.M.O.N. grabbed Joe by the shoulders and shook him back and forth frantically. "What does this mean Joe?! What does this mean?!"
            Joe gently pushed S.I.M.O.N. away. "I don't know. Just please calm down, it might have been just a bad dream. 'Kay?"



            "Goodnight." S.I.M.O.N. fell back asleep as he thought about happier thoughts, like other times when Joe stuck out for him. He was like an older brother to him, unlike the way he was to everyone else, which was a leader, even bossy.

            If only...

Friday, December 5, 2014

            My last dream of my very soul would be to live happily through life, no matter how short or long it is. I want to make it so that when I die, I know I left this world happy with my previous life. I want to complete everything I hoped to have done or started, so that my life, in my opinion, is coomplete.
            There many ways to keep myself happy. One way is for myself to never be lonely.  I want to meet new people and make new friends throughout. I wish to always have someone I can count of I ever do get lonely, to call or to text, or to even meet up with to converse. It also we keep my curiosity in check, meeting new people and exploring different cultures.
            Another thing to keep my spirits up would be doing whatever makes me satisfied; in other words, what I like to do. No matter what career I have, I want it to be in my interest, or something I personally find bewildering. My main two dream jobs that are the most expressive of my passion are to be a comic book artist, since I love to draw, and a geologist, since I have an interest in geology and rocks and minerals (It has always been my favorite subject in school, though one that I rarely learned about). Whatever career or activity, I want it to be enjoyable, to keep me positive, and, well, happy.
            And one last thing to keep me happy throughout my entire lifetime is to explore. I want to learn about the different ways that people live and the different environments around the world. They say knowledge is power, and learning new things in life could hopefully get me excited for the next day.

            In conclusion, life is something we only have one chance to do, so we must make it as worthy and possible. It will be easier to live and love if we do so. If you have a goal, go for it, if it makes you happy. Don't give up, don't let little things or people get you upset and make you want to give up; just do it. Be happy.   

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter #


            Ursela, Drake, and S.I.M.O.N. stood there staring at will as he came into the kitchen. Will glanced at them in confusion.

            "What?" he asked, "Is this your first time seeing me or something?"

            "No," said Ursela, "But at least put some semblance of an effort to be a little more careful when doing simple things, like perhaps, opening the door?"

            "Yeah, yeah, yeah, " Will yawned, "I know, I know, Ursela, I'm trying to be a good boy for you."

            "Oh for the love of-"

            "Stop!" shouted a low and stern voice from the hallway. Joe came into the kitchen. "Just stop now before the argument goes any further."

            "And entering the room is the commando king himself," mocked Will.

            Joe slowly shook his head in disappointment. "Will..."

            "What? Just stating fact."

            Joe rolled his eyes. "Will, I'm getting real tired this."

            Will sighed. "Tired of what, Joe?"

            "Your immaturity."

            Will looked at him in disgust. "Excuse me? Not all of us are born to be o-natural leaders!"

            "I understand that, but you ever so rarely take things seriously, especially the things that do need to be taken seriously."

            "Ugh, I'll TRY," groaned Will, "But don't, and I mean DON'T expect anything out of me."

            Joe pinched the top of his nose and sighed. "Alright, Will."

            "And I also absolutely LOVE the fight is my fault and my fault only."

            "Will, you know very well I didn't say that."

            "Doesn't matter, you thought it! I bet all I have that you though it!"

            "SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!" screamed Cindy from the other room "OR ELSE I'LL COME IN THERE AND DO IT MYSELF!"

            Francine, who was sitting next to Cindy, tilted her head. "Well, technically you wouldn't have to leave the room for that. We're close enough, right?"

            Cindy raised her eyebrows at Francine, giving her a look of annoyance.

            "I'm just saying. To me, that's more threatening then going in there."

            Amber, sitting across from them on the couch, looked up from her book. "Well, just because she has the power, doesn't mean she has to use it."

            Francine tucked back her hair. "I say use them while you still have them, especially in the normal world. If you know what I mean."

            "Yeah, well it's not often accepted."

            "But you still have to-"

            "NO NO NO," interrupted Cindy. "NO NO NO NO NO DON'T EVEN START!"

            Amber and Francine stared at Cindy, then at each other, and shrugged.

            "Thank you," said Cindy. Then she got up and went into the kitchen. When she walked in she headed straight for the fridge. S.I.M.O.N. greeted her there, but he was in the form of a tiny butterfly.

            "Good to see you again, Cindy." said S.I.M.O.N., voice high pitched, fluttering around Cindy's head.

            "Ditto," said Cindy, chuckling, "Even though we've seen each other before, like, twenty minutes ago."
            "That's a good point," muttered S.I.M.O.N..

            "Is everything okay, S.I.M.O.N. ?" blurted out Cindy.

            S.I.M.O.N. paused. "What do you mean?"

            "Well, you kind of stabbed Drake," said Cindy while grabbing a can of soda, "As his girlfriend, I don't appreciate that."
            S.I.M.O.N. sighed. "I will be frank with you, I don't really know what that was."

            And neither do I.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter @

            "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" said Ursela, standing in between S.I.M.O.N. and Drake, holding a broom in a warning position. "We do not fight," she turned to S.I.M.O.N., "Or STAB our friends!"

            "What the hell do you have the broom for," said Drake, gesturing at the broom. "I could easily sn-"

            "Not the point!" said Ursela, "The point is there are no fights allowed!"

            Ursela walked towards Drake to examine his wound. It was almost  healed, due to the fact he had the uncanny ability to heal wounds, like punctures, stabbings, or broken bones, quickly and at will.

            And speaking of Will...

            In came Will, kicking the door open, nearly breaking off its hinges. He dragged his chainsaw-yes, a chainsaw- behind him as he walked into the house where all the children lived; my thirteen loyal little helpers.  He dripped with water and had some ice chips caught in his hair and the fur of his vest.

            Now you are all probably thinking; who exactly am I? Well, I'm a woman of many names; here in the common world, I'm Franky Tanner, manager of a local Starbucks. In Terrania, I'm Facio, the one who made this very Earthly realm you sit here reading this in. In the Underworld, I'm The Banisher or The Brutal, because apparently it's wrong to punish world destroyers. Mm-hmm, okay. Up in the Heavens I'm The Rainbow One, because when I'm not looking like a human, I've beautiful rainbow insevt wings-or so what the angels say. In the World of Stories, I'm Mama Goose, because I created their lovely world, with the help of my "Grimm brothers", who I will talk about later.  But anywhere else, I'm more commonly known as-Mother Nature.

            Now, how do I know all this is going on? Well don't get freaked out, but I kind of see everything that goes on. After all, this is my world, so I see everything that goes on But, every now and then, something slips under my nose, and I have to solve a big world-threatening problem.

            But that's when they come in; the kids.

            All thirteen of them have been so loyal and precious to me. Even Drake, who doesn't really follow rules of what he calls "higher people". Which makes no sense to me because he is a child of one the fellow Terranian Gods (who is also one of the Grimm brothers, but again, LATER).

            And a unique bunch of thirteen kids they are.
            There's Joe, spawn of an alien race who can manipulate weather and things.

            There's Francine, a girl who's bloodline is of God's Guard angels (oh yeah, God  is real, he's just not the bearded man or Jesus that you expect).

            There's Amber, a half demon with the ability control the shadows.

            There's S.I.M.O.N., a prince from the World of Stories who saved Snow White from her awful fate (it didn't work out though. Just friends now).

            There's Drake, a werewolf with a hardy attitude.

            There's Cindy, a seer who can access the mind AND soul.

            There's Will, an ice sorcerer (who's also got some major mental issues, and was on Fitzville's most wanted list for serial killers a year or so back. Yeah, the justice system is out of whack here since the mayor is too scared to do anything. I should probably confront him on that. Anyways...)

            There's Ursela, a genie with the gift of the forest, where she was born.

            There's Bea, a sea serpent dragon who uses a water cannon when she's a human (which is a lot)

            There's Marshal, Bea's cousin by adoption (Bea is the adopted one) who has mysterious powers we are still trying to figure out.

            There's Lauren, spawn of an alien species with the ability to manipulate stardust and are known as "The Saviors Of The Universe".

            There's Adam, a vampire street ninja who's quick as can be (and best friends with Drake, to all you people who believe vampires and werewolves are fierce enemies. I bet that slapped you in the face).

            And lastly there's Xavier, a boy with the ability to connect with the afterlife.

            These are the best kids in the world to me, honestly. And they do some incredible things to keep the world safe, let me tell you.

            So anyways...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter !

            "Well there are so many funny things about Halloween," said S.I.M.O.N., "But one thing I really don't follow up on this whole Trick Or Treat thing." He stuck a knife into a pumpkin and began to cut around the stem. "All I ever see are treats, and you'll get in trouble for tricks. And how do you know the little brat at your doorstep dressed up like a goblin isn't an actual goblin? It's so confusing!"

            Ursela turned around from her pumpkin patch outside. She stuck her head through the slide door to the inside. "I'm sorry, were you talking to me?"

            S.I.M.O.N. just rolled his eyes. "Never mind then."

            Ursela rolled some pumpkins into her house, rabbits and squirrels following behind. From the field they heard their dear friend Drake growl. He came too the door, mauled rabbit in hand and slammed it on the floor. The other critters backed away slowly, hiding behind Ursela in fear.

            Drake gave Ursela a fierce glare, then met her eye to eye as he walked to the kitchen with two pumpkins, on one shoulder. "Get your little bastards together, Snow White," he said bitterly, then slammed the pumpkins on the table. this nearly made the knife in S.I.M.O.N.' s hand fly out, but he kept a steady grip. He set the knife down carefully and brushed off the dirt on his button-up. Then S.I.M.O.N. gave Drake warning look. "You know, I'd appreciate it if you didn't take such a close friend's name in vain." he said.

            "Yeah yeah yeah, I get it Mr.Fairytale, you wanna go home," complained Drake, "Well, you already know kid, you can't go back until we find a legitimate way back." He stuck his hand into the top of the pumpkin, long, sharpened nails piercing the  pumpkin, and ripped out the stem. "Until then, you're just gonna have to live in our world."

            S.I.M.O.N. let out a heavy, sad sigh. "Yes, I understand..." He then looked at Ursela's bookshelf, which had many old books, including the Fairytale collection that he had came from. Back in the book world, he was a fairy prince of the sun, a true fae of royalty. And he still has his magic, but he's stuck in a mortal body. Which means that unlike his royal fae body, he can die very easily. Which also means he has to be careful, VERY careful, here in Fitzville.

            Because there are people like Drake, wanted criminals and mass-murderers, that live here in Fitzville, and the mayor is too scared to even try to do something about it. 'Though,' thought S.I.M.O.N., 'It's probably the smart thing to do, hiding and all, since they don't seem to be the normal Earth criminal. Though if this was my city I would execute them.'

            The thought of burning Drake at the stake somehow pleased him. It sent a hot sensation from his heart to his ears, and he giggled with excitement. He closed his eyes whilst still giggling, and he had zoned out a bit.

            Because when he had opened his eyes, he had found the knife he was using to carve the pumpkin in Drake's abdomen. Drake looked down blade, then slowly brought his head up to meet S.I.M.O.N.'s  in an angry gaze. he pulled the knife slowly out of his stomach. And dropped it on the ground.

            "You better run, kid," growled Drake, warning hi m.

            S.I.M.O.N. smiled with confidence yet worrisome. "Bring it on, a prince can surely take you down." 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


  Joe Pacnosa was a lovely young man. He was a straight A junior student, and possessed great physical strength. The only thing stopping him from being perfect was the fact he was blind. Born with the disability, unfortunately, he doesn't know what single thing could look like. He was compassionate to his family, which was his mother and his little sister Carly.

            And he lived in a city called Fitzville, which was just outside of New York City, and no normal people went there, for their own safety.

            The funny thing about him being blind-he always knew where something was. Telepathy, as you would call it. In fact, it seems that the only downfall to his lack of sight was just simply image.

            He also was a genius, and had a thing for tinkering and machinery. His bedroom is full of gadgets and gizmos, books upon books, and you could barely see the floor it was so cluttered. If this boy had a normal destiny or a normal life, he would be a master inventor. If.

            Once upon a time this jock was a rather rotund little boy, back in elementary school. He would get picked on for that, plus of his illegible handwriting, and he used to stutter quite a bit. And he continued to be picked day by day on until eighth grade, when gave a smack down to a fellow student. Or more like a smack forward, until the boy hit a wall, and nearly was crushed by the impact. Yes, that physical strength he had was immense. Though even after a few months the harassment started up again. Freshman year however, everyone had new attitudes for Joe. They loved him, admired him, but most importantly...

            ...everyone FEARED him.
            You see, he was had an unexpected visit once. It happened at night, for you see, most mystical, supernatural, and even dangerous events happen at night. He was practicing some basketball at the court. It started to rain, so not being to fond of the rain, he began to pack his things, but then wind began to blow, harder and harder every second. He couldn't move, and it only seemed to be around him. Trees were still, yet he could feel the wind. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and passed out. But, he saw a vision. There was a rather tall, sturdy figure above, and he spoke words of destiny...

            "Rise my child, and take my throne."

            Memories of an ancestry came flooding in, none of them being his own. Once he woke up, this had been determined: he was to become a king. A king of pure chaos.

            And he proved it. Evidence: sweet goodbyes to Herman Middle School. Torn down by wind and rain, electrical hay wires, earthquakes-all concentrated on that one area of the town. That one vicinity.  No where else. Not much, but definately death upon the staff and student body.

            And that is why one should never mess with Joe Pacnosa. Ever.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

My  most sacred object is one I will never let go until I die. It may sound silly, but it is a teddybear I had named Sunbear, since it was yellow like the sun. I pretty much grew up with him, having him since I was four, and apparently so passionate about the bear that through the years I have given him a gender. That is how connected I am with this bear, that I have considered him to be another creature on this planet. I know this is sounding ridiculous and somewhat obsessive, but I had Sunbear for ten years. Ten years is enough to grow so close to an item as I am to him.

Wow, ten years. That's a long time, especially considering that I am only fourteen years old. Let's talk fractions here. 10/14 years is how long I've had Sunbear, right? If we fully simplify that fraction, it's 5/7. That that is a lot. Percentage would be about 71% when rounded. Big number right?  

Now as far as the origin of this bear that has been with me that rounded 71% of my life, I still really not quite sure. Supposedly, according to my parents, I stole it from sister while she was still in her crib, about one years old, but even then they aren't that sure either. I almost don't want to believe that story, because it kind of makes me feel cruddy. How would you feel if you were told that a close object of yours that you had know idea where you got it became your item because you stole it? Not only did you steal it, but you stole it from your literal baby sister, who is completely defenseless, and you got four years on her? Not so well would you? You would kind of feel like a jerk and that you shouldn't even have this but you still keep because it is precious. Trust me, my sister fully believes that story like it is her religion, and she use it as excuse to take him every now and then. It rarely happens though, but it still grinds on my gears.

Now, this is probably the 30th time I've said this, but this bear is old. And just to let you know, it looks old too. Really old. First off, he isn't even yellow anymore. He's this weird ugly warm grey color. I haven't washed him once (sorry I know that sounds very gross and shouldn't be said but it's the truth). He is also very torn up for whatever reason; he has a hole in his "neck" area and his leg is falling off at the seams. His cotton stays in however, because it is so beat and push together that it has lost all of it's fluffiness it probably once possessed. The thread in the nose embroidery is lose, too. And the ribbon that was once tied neatly around his neck into a bow is now strangled around his neck and arm like a noose or something. Looking back at that I wonder, "What happened to this bear and where did I go wrong?"

Yes this bear is old. Yes this bear is broken in many ways. Yes this bear was probably the result four year-old thief me. But i still love him, and when I die, I want something honorable to happen to him. Possibly, he could either be buried with me or I could pass it on to my future children. Whatever happens, I just want that bear to still have a special meaning beyond my grave. Sunbear is truly sacred to me.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

About Me


To whoever took the time to read this blog, thank you!

My name is Hannah. I enjoy drawing and doing different art projects. I have plans to be a comic book writer when I grow up, or possibly be a commission artists, which is someone who will illustrate something for someone in return for currency. Hopefully though, I will get at least one comic book out that was created, written, illustrated by me.

You're wondering who this guy is above huh?

That is my little mascot, The Panda. He is kind of an icon to represent me and my fursona (a fursona is an animal version of yourself sort of or an animal character you made)

But this entry isn't about him, it's about me, so I'm going to move on. *Panda makes a sad face and walks away* Maybe another entry.

So anyways, some more things about me. I love truffles. Specifically Lindt Milk-Chocolate truffles. They are truly amazing, and if you haven't tried one, you must. I also love pandas (der) because they are so cute and they deserve to be noticed more! I also love to make characters and such. I'm trying to figure out a way to tell the story of my own little series called "Welcome To Fitzville". I want to post it here, but it kind of contains explicit content. It's not entirely like that, but some of the characters and situations are bit on the "eh" side (like swearing, crude humor, or graphic events). deviantART is another option, I feel like that is reserve for my artwork and maybe a few written pieces.

My family is small, and I mean who lives with me and who is closest to me. It consists of my mom, dad, and little sister Lorelai. I have a cat name Teddy, a black gold fish named Edgar, and a speckled gold fish named Socrates. They have done a horrible deed that involves us going to Hershey Park for a week and there being four fish there before we left. Can never look at them the same way again. Nope.

As far as interests go, there are two things I am really a nerd/geek/dork/so into you don't even know about. Number one is gemstones or minerals. I LOVE gemstones, and my favorite used to be amethyst but now it is lepidolite:

This thing. Isn't it pretty? Most people probably don't know what this is.

The second thing I adore is creepypasta, which are horror stories on the internet. Some people make their own horror characters and write stories on wattpad,, or deviantART (those are the stories I usually put there). I have my own character, Night Shadow:
My friend drew this picture, but this him. 

(Btw I don't know if you can tell but I like purple as well)

Well, that's about it for me! Hope you enjoy my first entry!