Friday, April 3, 2015

The Book Thief Review

All in all, the film adaptation of The Book Thief was pretty good. It caught interest, though was not found to be too spectacular in certain eyes. It was not a bad film, no, but it was not great either. Allow explanation. The acting and story put together was phenomenal. It was nearly perfect, and overall very well put together. Not bad, as said before. However, what is faulty is more of whether or not the plot of the movie or the casting fit the actual book storyline itself. With this, there were, in my opinion, some parts and such that could have been fixed within this film.
                One thing that could be fixed is the casting. Most of the casting seemed to fit everyone and every character, it will be admitted. But, some characters could have had a more fitting role. For example, Sophie Nelisse did not really fit the character of Liesel Meminger. Upon reading the book, it was expected to picture in one’s head Liesel being more portrayed as a younger looking character. Nelisse seemed to have more of a mature look than preferred. What was pictured to be Liesel looks nothing like Nelisse. There could have been a bit younger looking of an actress to play the part.
                The most disappointing thing about this adaptation was the lack of certain points from within the plot of the movie itself. So many cases and incidents were left out, and it is really upsetting. Upon watching it, excitement and anticipation was raised as the waiting for a certain part form the book to begin and continue. But, hearts were sunken as those details never came on the screen, and disappointment became the more prominent emotion. What makes this even more awful is the fact that major and important parts were left out. For example, one anticipated scene was possibly Max’s dream that he has. This specific dream is when he was put in a ring and was engaging in a fight with Adolf Hitler. It was a unique dream, and would have been really amazing if it would be adapted into action. Unfortunately, that did not happen. This scene shows great part in the plotline, showing struggle within Max as he tries to avoid the wrath of Hitler. It shows him standing up to him and taking him on, but still falling back. This and many other scenes were left out, even with their importance.
                The movie also did not have certain characters, which would ultimately lead to more scenes from the book not put in film that are related to that character. For example, Timmy, the child who had an ear injury that causes him to twitch. He was not put in the movie. This leads to Rudy not defending him, and that scene showed great character from Rudy. Frau Hotzelpof was not introduced either, thus the movie lacked of Liesel reading to her, which also showed character, but within Liesel. In conclusion this movie was fine, but it did not meet to expectations.     


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