Thursday, May 28, 2015

Advice to All Freshmen

Hello freshmen!
Welcome to Woburn High, and here’s some things you should all know about high school!
1-      At first glance, the school seems super huge, but trust me, it isn’t. It may look some labyrinth specifically designed to make you late for class, but it isn’t. It’s actually rather smaller than it appears, and I can assure you, you’ll find your way.
2-      Don’t worry about the stereotypical “mean teacher”. There are barely any of those here, most of the teachers seem to be rather nice, so take that into consideration. Also appreciate what they do for you!
3-      Please take grades VERY seriously. Words cannot described how close you are to college right now.
4-      Come into this school with a positive attitude! If you come in thinking you are going to butcher this whole shindig, then you won’t ever succeed! You just got to give it your all and make every moment count, and always have hope.
5-      You aren’t going to see all of your squad in all if your classes, let me tell you that right now, on May 28, 2015, at 3:03 in the afternoon as I type this, you barely see any of your close friends in your classes. That being said, you may-scratch that, you definitely want to think about making some new friends.
6-      The food they serve on the first day of school is just an illusion. It won’t stay as good for the rest of the year. Don’t get your hopes up for that.
7-      There is good chance you will get less time to do projects than you got in middle school, so plan accordingly!
8-      In some classes you won’t even GET projects, so that’s something to look forward to.
9-      Prepare for deep thinking.
10-  Get involved! Join some after school clubs! Trust me when I say this, they are a lot of fun, and can provide as a pretty good social gathering from what I have seen!
11-  You will be judged for everything you do, but it's okay because you are you and that's all that matters. So strut your stuff and forget about them. However, if they get too far, serve the justice necessary.
12-  Seniors act like they are superior to freshman, and that's because they are, so watch out. I mean it, they are the overlords of the school.
13-  Juniors shouldn't be acting like seniors though, so just ignore THEM. They can wait a year, but some are impatient.
14-  You can redeem yourself as a sophomore if you make any mistakes; I swear it is an option.

Good luck to you all!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter !#

                I REALLY shouldn’t be taking sides but Lawrence may be right.
                That’s not important though.
                So finally the kids are off tonight, doing their Halloween shing-dig, things, stuff…
                Let’s just have a look.
                Let’s look over at Joe, Will, Drake and Adam.
                Joe was standing with Will, talking about how to scare the kids. Since they weren’t your typical Halloween monsters, like Adam and Drake, Will was wearing a hockey mask and hoodie (both bloodstained) and Joe was just wearing a gas mask. I’m not gonna lie, with his stature and build, it’s actually pretty scary. That, and his voice is very low, so speaking through the gas mask would only add more intimidation. (Am I making any sense? Please someone tell me if I’m not.)
                 Anyhow, while they were discussing, Drake was off with Adam in the corner, smoking a cigarette. Adam was just looking at him. Then he spoke to Drake.
                “Hey man,” he started, “can I see that for a sec’?” He gestured at the cigarette.
                Drake passed it Adam, confused as to what he could want with it.
                Adam nodded. “Thanks.” He then proceeded to throw it into the sewer drain on in street.
                Drake stood in shock. He shook his head. “What was that for?”
                “It smells gross,” he simply replied, “Plus it’s bad for you.”
                Drake sighed. “Whatever.”
                Will clasped his hands. "Hey guys, just got awesome methods to scare the kids!"
                Drake rolled his eyes. Adam was ready to listen.
                "First," he began, "Drake's method. You stay all dark and shit like the way you are now, attitude and all, and when a kid comes up to you in curiosity, turn your face into a wolf."
                 "Just my face," he asked.
                 "Yep,"Will replied, "An example please?"
                 Drake sighed. He ran his hand through his pitch black hair as his face begin to twist in blackness. His transformations are magical rather natural, may I add. The cloud of blackness extended forward into a snout shape. When finished, his face was that of a black wolf's. The process lasted about 3 seconds.
                 Will smiled in delight. "Quick enough!"
                 Drake's face shifted back to his human-esk face.
                 Will continued. "Adam, you'll hide in the shadows and hiss at kids as they walk by. Joe will create thunder and lightning near kids who aren't suspecting. And for the kids who Joe isn't scaring, I'll roar my chainsaw behind them." He squeeled. "Eek, I can't wait to make kids piss themselves!"
                 Drake gave him a concerning. "You are something, you know that?"
                 That something is being the son of a sorcerer that tried to overthrow me.  Which is why I'm trying to make this kid as good as possible, since he was born half evil. For those who say evil isn't birthed, it's learned, and that's the only way, you're wrong. Literally, the Pauprins are long line of genetic evil, making them wicked in the worst ways. Usually the men would find a woman who is also genetically evil. But his father found a taught evil woman and birthed Will, making him only half evil. But I'm still concerned for that nut. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter !@

            So our plan eventually came down to this.
            We are going to be always activated when it comes to our powers. That way if we sense danger, we'll be automatically ready to fight them off. 

             Though what's the worst that could happen?
              Fighting them off should be realistically easy. There isn't much that has taken us out in the past, not even ourselves in simulations. (yeah I have this little simulation where I make the kids fight simulated versions of themselves, ex. Joe vs. Fake Cindy). I believe we can handle any problem.  

               I believe Amber, Cindy, Joe, Drake, Will, Xavier, Lauren, and Adam are going trick or treating, and Maxwell, Lawrence, Serene and Jennifer to watch them.

               Thank me that I have Jennifer to stabilize the three of them. I met her in India on the streets. She looked so sickly it was sad. I found out she was tactical, wise, and general off the charts smart; it was amazing. She also was the "calm down" girl of their team. Role: Goddess of Earth and Knowledge, associated with Athena.

                I overheard their conversation. From what I heard, it went like this.

                Lawrence: It was you, wasn't it?
                Maxwell: Why would it have been me?

                L: Because, you showed some pretty obvious discomfort towards them. Plus, you'd be the only one who would even be willing to kill them.

                M: I'm hurt. I truly am. Why one EARTH would I kill our friends. And may I add that this was years ago. Why are you bringing it up?

                L: Because this marks the twelve year anniversary of their deaths. They died on Halloween, which happens to be your favorite holiday.

                M: Okay, can you not? I didn't kill them.

                L: Sure you didn't.

                M: I DIDN'T.

                Serene: Lawrence stop it, he probably, he, you aren't going to believe this, but he probably didn't kill them.

                L: Don't be wise.

                S: Don't be accusing and bossy. 

                Jennifer: I can't believe this is even a discussion.

                M: Same.

                L: Well let's look at the evidence. He disliked them, and they always suggested Maxwell as the chew toy. Maxwell was always more hostile to them. Halloween is and has always been his favorite holiday. 

                M: None of that meant anything.

                S: Seriously.
                J: I'll believe Maxwell killed them when I have the physical proof.

                L: Why don't any of you guys believe me?

                S: Because you always pick at Maxwell for this kind of shit. I get it, he does very questionable things and wouldn't even be considered a true hero.

                M: Thanks. 

                S: Anytime. But he wouldn't go as far as to kill our friends.  

                L: Okay, if he didn't do it, who did?

                J: We still don't know, Lawrence.

                M: I still don't understand why tonight specifically is so important.

                L: Well, twelve is an important number to us, so god forbid you do something harmful to us tonight. By tradition.

                M: If I even wanted to do that, you'd be the only one I want to kill. Everyone else treats me just fine, unlike you, Lawrence, dear. 

                S: Ha! How does that burn feel Lawrence?

                M: No, Serene. No.

                S: Well then.

                J: I believe we should get ready for the night.

                And that's when I believe they dispersed. 

                Ironically enough, the death of those kids I did not see. Completely out of my grasp, which leads me to kind of side by Lawrence on this one...