Friday, March 27, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter (

            In the end, a plan was made. They were going to simply keep a look out for anything suspicious and investigate it if necessary.

            Francine just stared at them in shock. "That's it?"

            "YES," said Amber is exhaustion, "What part of 'not a super intricate and extravagant plan' do you not understand? This plan is great: it's short, simple, productive, and so on."

            "Whatever..." Francine then continued on Instagram, just flipping through.

            In the other room were Drake, Adam, and Will. They were discussing Halloween as well.
            "What do you mean you guys aren't coming with me?!" shouted Will.

            "We mean this, Will," Drake started, "Scaring kids on Halloween with bats, wolf howls, and chainsaws was fun, like, two years ago. It's getting old, dude."


            "No buts Will," Drake sighed, "I ain't doing it."

            Will turned to Adam and opened his mouth to speak.

            "No," said Adam sternly.

            Will turned away upset. He crossed his arms and pouted. "I thought you guys were my friends."

            Drake shook his head. "Will, you know very well that's not what we mean."

           "What's not what you mean?" A low, serious voice came from the hallway. At the door was Joe standing there, arms crossed.

           "Joe," whined Will, "They won't go out with me-"

           "'Cause I'm straight Will, and Adam's an Ace, and you know that. I've told you a thousand times. Plus I got a girlfriend."

           Which this is actually a lie. Yes, Adam is asexual, Will is homosexual, but Drake was born with a bisexual preference. He constantly lies about the fact he likes guys too, plus from watching them in the past Drake started to be more hostile once Will came out (the two are best friends at heart I swear). My analysis: Drake=slightly homophobic. That could possibly be a reason why he hates his father as well, what interferes with their chemistry. Maxwell was also born with a bisexual preference, but is more content and confident about it.

           Sorry about the interruption, I just hate it when Drake says he's straight.


           Will bit his lip in frustration. "Not what I was going to say, Drake."

           "Go on," said Joe.

          "What I was saying was they won't go out with me for Halloween! You know, doing the usually spooky stuff!"

          "C'mon, Joe," said Drake,"Back me up here! This whole scaring kid prank is getting old. WE'RE getting old. We're fifteen, Will, and I don't even know how old Adam is!"

          379 years and 2 months.

          Drake smiled. "C'mon, am I right?"

          Joe stood there. He pushed up his sunglasses. "Tradition doesn't end until all members of that tradition agree." He pulled Will's frail body to his side. Will standing next to Joe is like a stick standing next to a tree. Joe kept a straight face. "I'll come with him if you teenage losers won't."

          "What?!" shouted Drake, "But dude, you're like seventeen or something."

          Contrary, Joe turned eighteen back in July.

         "What is your point?"

         "Two points; one, your way to old to be doing stuff like that, and two, you're a teen too, so that made no sense!"

         "You made no sense as well," said Joe, voice deepening,"One, I don't care, I will make thunder and lightning to scare kids and make them piss themselves if it means going with Drake. Two, I'm a legalized adult. Want to try again?"

         All Drake could do was groan, as he knew the conversation is leading up to this: he AND Adam are going with Will, and possibly Joe. Great night! (cough cough, not for Drake)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter *

                Obviously his name comes from the god damn company. He doesn’t even call himself that, it’s just a name I gave him after the fact.
                I’m guessing you might have another question to ask, maybe two.
                The possible questions being:
1: Why is he going rogue? What’s his plan?
That I can answer with just simply corruption. I’m still researching on what exactly caused that. (because I create life, this isn’t in my field, all this chemical electric whatnot)
I’m sorry. That was uncalled for.
2: If you know that he’s got something evil planned, and you’re Mother Nature, why don’t you just beat him now?
Kid, it ain’t that easy.
Seriously, if it was THAT easy, I would change him back to good old Cass.
Also, because once he starts putting this plan in action, I’m going to send my little soldiers there to defeat him. This doesn’t include Xavier, though. He’s here more for support. He and a few others already got a hero thing going on.
Now that everything’s been explained, let’s get a move on.
Amber, Francine, and Cindy were in Francine’s room that night before Halloween. They were getting their costumes together, except for Francine. Francine has a job to do the next night, so she couldn’t go trick or treating. As I said before, she works for God as well. Why he decided to schedule something on Halloween I don’t know. It might have to do with age, since Francine is sixteen. Amber and Cindy are both two years younger than her, and were pretty upset she couldn’t come trick or treating.
That year Amber was going as gothic zombie girl of some sort and Cindy was going to be a witch.
“Cindy, you were a witch last year,” said Amber as she got on her costume. Amber then noticed the dress she was wearing. It was a lot shorter and looser than last year’s (and the year before that, and the year before that). So obviously, this was a little weird.
“What’s with new dress style?”
“Just in case,” said Cindy. She hung her dress up on a hanger and put it on Francine’s bed, where she scrolling through Instagram on her cellphone.
“Of what?” asked Amber.
“Of an attack,” muttered Cindy.
“When has there ever been an attack though?” Francine added.
Amber turned to Francine and gave her a “really?” look. “You’re questioning the psychic, Francine?”
Francine pondered. “Well, God hasn’t told me anything was to come yet.”
“Yeah, but,” Amber gestured to Cindy, “She’s PSYCHIC.”
Francine was silent.
Amber shook her head. “Do you know what a psychic IS?”
Francine nodded.
“Then what is the confusion?”
She shrugged.
                “Well, whatever then,” said Amber as she got her black and green wig out to brush it. “The point is Cindy’s probably right, so we should plan something before tomorrow night.”
                “What if nothing happens though?”
                “THEN WE WON’T MAKE IT A SUPER INTRICATE AND EXTRAVAGANT PLAN!!!” shouted Amber, arms flailing about.
                I myself can only pray.  

Friday, March 6, 2015

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter &

                One question is probably on your mind right now; if you guys are super hero-ish, what in the holy hell are you guys doing sleeping and playing video games and whatnot? Well I’ll tell you what. It’s as simple as the enemy hasn’t struck yet.
                THE enemy.
                To imply, ONE major enemy.
                Who, may you ask?
                You know those calculators and pianos that have the brand “CASIO” on it? No? Go check your calculator then because I bet $100 that thing is CASIO branded.
                Well anyways, not long back I worked in a facility that the designing of CASIO products were established that was set up right here in Fitzville. What I do, basically, is transform myself into Franky Tanner, 24 year old woman with short spiky hair and a mouthful of bubble gum. I was working with a man named Cassidy Banks. He was petite, all short and frail, but was pretty excited and passionate about his ideas.  He wasn’t really a bad guy. Trustworthy too, for I told him my secret about who I am. He was the only person who wasn’t associated with my cause that I have told them within this century. (2000s, in case you’re wondering). He never said anything about it to anyone.
                More often than not at work, the other employees would rag on him for his ideas, and that lowered his confidence a tad bit. But I’d always be there for support. One day he was in his office building something that straight up looked sketchy and dangerous, seeing as how he was wearing some sort of protection gear on his face and gloves (usually in his experimental down time, he’d smoke a pipe to relax himself, but he didn’t this time). Some of the rather unruly employees came in and starting doing their typical ragging, calling him a low life for bothering to do this. I watched at the doorway, because this time, I wanted to test him to see if he could handle the situation himself.
                Dear god I wish I had stepped in.
                They got physical on him, and he couldn’t put the fight. They eventually pushed him into his project, were he had gotten a small shard of it in his skin and electrocuted himself. At the moment I thought “Holy crap I gotta help him NOOOW”, but then I thought, “It’s just a small shock and small piece of metal, it shouldn’t hurt him that bad.” And I was right, it didn’t hurt him to bad. It made, stronger, in fact.
                But, in a very bad way.
                He stood up as they laughed and walked away from him. I watch him walk up to the man who pushed him down and BOOM! Punched him right down, full fury and force. I was so shocked.  Then I noticed something sparking within him, something unnatural (this is what those fancy shmancy scientists call “mutations”, kids!). He started to wham on the others without hesitation, and I saw him…change. His skin began to harden and body began to shift. His body grew thicker and he grew taller. His even hardened into metal and his clothes changed into something mechanical (what even). He grew and grew before my eyes and he eventually burst through the ceiling (about 15 ft). Dust and plaster eventually cleared up when I finally saw him. He looked, how do I say, robotic?  He stood over me, sharpened and hardened and everything. He looked like himself, except mechanic-fied.
                That was the day Cass went rogue and turned into The Casio