Thursday, November 20, 2014

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter #


            Ursela, Drake, and S.I.M.O.N. stood there staring at will as he came into the kitchen. Will glanced at them in confusion.

            "What?" he asked, "Is this your first time seeing me or something?"

            "No," said Ursela, "But at least put some semblance of an effort to be a little more careful when doing simple things, like perhaps, opening the door?"

            "Yeah, yeah, yeah, " Will yawned, "I know, I know, Ursela, I'm trying to be a good boy for you."

            "Oh for the love of-"

            "Stop!" shouted a low and stern voice from the hallway. Joe came into the kitchen. "Just stop now before the argument goes any further."

            "And entering the room is the commando king himself," mocked Will.

            Joe slowly shook his head in disappointment. "Will..."

            "What? Just stating fact."

            Joe rolled his eyes. "Will, I'm getting real tired this."

            Will sighed. "Tired of what, Joe?"

            "Your immaturity."

            Will looked at him in disgust. "Excuse me? Not all of us are born to be o-natural leaders!"

            "I understand that, but you ever so rarely take things seriously, especially the things that do need to be taken seriously."

            "Ugh, I'll TRY," groaned Will, "But don't, and I mean DON'T expect anything out of me."

            Joe pinched the top of his nose and sighed. "Alright, Will."

            "And I also absolutely LOVE the fight is my fault and my fault only."

            "Will, you know very well I didn't say that."

            "Doesn't matter, you thought it! I bet all I have that you though it!"

            "SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!" screamed Cindy from the other room "OR ELSE I'LL COME IN THERE AND DO IT MYSELF!"

            Francine, who was sitting next to Cindy, tilted her head. "Well, technically you wouldn't have to leave the room for that. We're close enough, right?"

            Cindy raised her eyebrows at Francine, giving her a look of annoyance.

            "I'm just saying. To me, that's more threatening then going in there."

            Amber, sitting across from them on the couch, looked up from her book. "Well, just because she has the power, doesn't mean she has to use it."

            Francine tucked back her hair. "I say use them while you still have them, especially in the normal world. If you know what I mean."

            "Yeah, well it's not often accepted."

            "But you still have to-"

            "NO NO NO," interrupted Cindy. "NO NO NO NO NO DON'T EVEN START!"

            Amber and Francine stared at Cindy, then at each other, and shrugged.

            "Thank you," said Cindy. Then she got up and went into the kitchen. When she walked in she headed straight for the fridge. S.I.M.O.N. greeted her there, but he was in the form of a tiny butterfly.

            "Good to see you again, Cindy." said S.I.M.O.N., voice high pitched, fluttering around Cindy's head.

            "Ditto," said Cindy, chuckling, "Even though we've seen each other before, like, twenty minutes ago."
            "That's a good point," muttered S.I.M.O.N..

            "Is everything okay, S.I.M.O.N. ?" blurted out Cindy.

            S.I.M.O.N. paused. "What do you mean?"

            "Well, you kind of stabbed Drake," said Cindy while grabbing a can of soda, "As his girlfriend, I don't appreciate that."
            S.I.M.O.N. sighed. "I will be frank with you, I don't really know what that was."

            And neither do I.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Welcome To Fitzville

Book !, Chapter @

            "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" said Ursela, standing in between S.I.M.O.N. and Drake, holding a broom in a warning position. "We do not fight," she turned to S.I.M.O.N., "Or STAB our friends!"

            "What the hell do you have the broom for," said Drake, gesturing at the broom. "I could easily sn-"

            "Not the point!" said Ursela, "The point is there are no fights allowed!"

            Ursela walked towards Drake to examine his wound. It was almost  healed, due to the fact he had the uncanny ability to heal wounds, like punctures, stabbings, or broken bones, quickly and at will.

            And speaking of Will...

            In came Will, kicking the door open, nearly breaking off its hinges. He dragged his chainsaw-yes, a chainsaw- behind him as he walked into the house where all the children lived; my thirteen loyal little helpers.  He dripped with water and had some ice chips caught in his hair and the fur of his vest.

            Now you are all probably thinking; who exactly am I? Well, I'm a woman of many names; here in the common world, I'm Franky Tanner, manager of a local Starbucks. In Terrania, I'm Facio, the one who made this very Earthly realm you sit here reading this in. In the Underworld, I'm The Banisher or The Brutal, because apparently it's wrong to punish world destroyers. Mm-hmm, okay. Up in the Heavens I'm The Rainbow One, because when I'm not looking like a human, I've beautiful rainbow insevt wings-or so what the angels say. In the World of Stories, I'm Mama Goose, because I created their lovely world, with the help of my "Grimm brothers", who I will talk about later.  But anywhere else, I'm more commonly known as-Mother Nature.

            Now, how do I know all this is going on? Well don't get freaked out, but I kind of see everything that goes on. After all, this is my world, so I see everything that goes on But, every now and then, something slips under my nose, and I have to solve a big world-threatening problem.

            But that's when they come in; the kids.

            All thirteen of them have been so loyal and precious to me. Even Drake, who doesn't really follow rules of what he calls "higher people". Which makes no sense to me because he is a child of one the fellow Terranian Gods (who is also one of the Grimm brothers, but again, LATER).

            And a unique bunch of thirteen kids they are.
            There's Joe, spawn of an alien race who can manipulate weather and things.

            There's Francine, a girl who's bloodline is of God's Guard angels (oh yeah, God  is real, he's just not the bearded man or Jesus that you expect).

            There's Amber, a half demon with the ability control the shadows.

            There's S.I.M.O.N., a prince from the World of Stories who saved Snow White from her awful fate (it didn't work out though. Just friends now).

            There's Drake, a werewolf with a hardy attitude.

            There's Cindy, a seer who can access the mind AND soul.

            There's Will, an ice sorcerer (who's also got some major mental issues, and was on Fitzville's most wanted list for serial killers a year or so back. Yeah, the justice system is out of whack here since the mayor is too scared to do anything. I should probably confront him on that. Anyways...)

            There's Ursela, a genie with the gift of the forest, where she was born.

            There's Bea, a sea serpent dragon who uses a water cannon when she's a human (which is a lot)

            There's Marshal, Bea's cousin by adoption (Bea is the adopted one) who has mysterious powers we are still trying to figure out.

            There's Lauren, spawn of an alien species with the ability to manipulate stardust and are known as "The Saviors Of The Universe".

            There's Adam, a vampire street ninja who's quick as can be (and best friends with Drake, to all you people who believe vampires and werewolves are fierce enemies. I bet that slapped you in the face).

            And lastly there's Xavier, a boy with the ability to connect with the afterlife.

            These are the best kids in the world to me, honestly. And they do some incredible things to keep the world safe, let me tell you.

            So anyways...