Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ace of Hearts
            This last card was very interesting. I liked how it was personal then others, when the names were touching upon Ritchie, Marv, and Audrey. It was probably a bit easier to solve than the others, since they are his friends, and he already knows what their problems were (except for Marv’s child, though, that was new information for Ed). However, I would guess executing the tasks were more difficult, since they were more on the personal level. How easy would it be telling your love you do in fact love them? Probably very hard. So that would probably be the challenge of this card. I also enjoyed the fact it was around Christmas time, so it almost acted like an additional Christmas gift for his friends. As they say, “Tis the season of giving”. Overall, Ed was giving hope.
            The most challenging, like I said in the previous paragraph (Or what I would guess, given it seems to be difficult) was confessing his love to Audrey. The way he did it was romantic too. And the love he received back was very touching indeed. This, however, disproved my theory that he would fall for Sophie.
            The fact Marv had a child shocked. My theory is that is why he’s a bit of a jerk all the time, and why he gets mad fairly easily; he’s probably stressing over the fact that he had left a child, and he was slowly making up for it using his forty-thousand dollars that he has been saving up, not even touching the account. It shows though how much he actually cares, and for that I like him a little more. And Ed confronting Marv’s girlfriend’s father about the way he was treating Marv, it showed how much he cares about what Marv is doing to fix the situation.
            This card was a card that was a bit of a transition. It started off with Ed nearly losing his mind over the Ace of Hearts. He heard and saw “hearts” everywhere, as he claims. I am not entirely cure what that meant, but my guess it would mean he could not stop thinking about this one card. It was probably because it was the last one, too, so he must have been afraid of what was the challenge to come from this card. But as we progress in this part, the mood is lifted as Ed makes miracle after miracle, helping his friends and having a good time during the holiday season.

            Whoever chose him to be the “messenger”, however, is very frightening to me. In order to know all the information they do, they would have to either be closer then Ed thinks, like a friend or family member, or be stalking him. I hope it is someone close to him, because the thought of someone stalking him and making these challenges for him to do is a bit unsettling. This would have to be something we would find out in the last part: The Joker.     

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