Friday, April 17, 2015

Welcome to Fitzville

Book !, Chapter !!

                !!! Ah, what of the exclamation points?!!!
                While I took that thought I looked over at the scene before me. The children were standing behind me, displaying much fear and confusion. In front of me was Lawrence, fighting off Maxwell with a sword, as Maxwell was attempted to (I assume) cut off his head, with a staff that had a wood saw blade attached to the end. Serene was slapping Maxwell in the back with dull parts of her triton and Lisa was in the middle, trying to separate the giants.
                What. The. F***.
                “Excuse me!” I legitimately screamed, “What is going on?”
                They all stopped, Maxwell shutting of the whir of the blade. They looked at me, with the “We are gonna get in trouble” face.
                “Jesus Christ,” I said, “The KIDS have more maturity than you FULL GROWN ADULTS.”
                They all put their weapons away. Lisa strode up to me and looked at me, magenta eyes sparkling at me. “I’m really sorry, my lady.”
                “Kiss ass!” shouted Maxwell, who was then hit by the blunt part of Serene’s triton.
                Just then a young man walked in, twenty three years in age. His name was George.
                Yes, George. I met him in the forest, lost without his aunt. He was lost for a while, left a bit rabid and in survival mode. He however changed over the years into a calm, pacifist man. Role: God of Forest and Joy, associated with Demeter.
                …I love George. He is the most amazing, caring human I have met in my selections. He is just…I don’t know. I have feelings for him.
                ‘Oh he’s so dreeeeeaaamyyy’
                Shut up Maxwell and get out of the narration spot.
                Pff you don’t control what I do.
                Yes I do.
                He walked in and took a seat. “Hey Franky,”he said.
                All SOFTLY and whatnot.
                Max I swear to God.
                Fine, yeesh.
                As I was saying…
                “Hey George,” I responded back. “Welcome back.”
                “I…never really left,” said George.
                “Yeah,” I chuckled, “right…”
                I feel like I am hindering this tale with my dreams.
                "So," said George,"Jennifer isn't able to come to this, and Alex and Isabelle have band practice. I'll just relay the information if you'd like."
                "That would be great, thank you."
                That being said, it's about time we have gotten started.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

                A girl stood in front of a metal doorway. She had just a tank top and jeans on, despite the cold weather. Weather never was an issue to her, for even the harshest of storms wouldn't bother her. She tapped her foot and waited patiently.
               The girl's name was CeCe. Her light periwinkle eyes shimmered as the moon in the sky floated directly above her. The wind blew against her face. Finally the doors opened slowly, inviting her in. She smiled, proceeding.
               Inside was a jumble of cords and cables, all leading to something hidden in the shadows. She cleared her throat. "I'm ready sir."
               A voice as hoarse as gears grinding answered from the shadows. "Great, CeCe. I expect for you to be careful, yes?"
              She shrugged. "Eh."  



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