Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Who or What is Courage?

What is courage?
That is the question asked
Well let me tell you something about courage
Have you ever felt the urge
To do something that is isn’t something
That would almost flow?
You wanted to do it
But you were second guessing yourself
You did it anyways
Because you had the strength to do it
That right there was courage

It feels warm
It feels energizing
It feels powerful
It makes you
Feel like you can do
The feeling of courage
Is better than energy drink
It’s that shot of energy and adrenaline
That allows you to move forth

Another question is raised however
An uncommonly thought query:
Who is courage?
Well I’ll tell you who
Courage is youthful
He’s full of energy and will take on
He thinks before acting
To see if it’s right in the first place
Then he’ll fight with passion
With a sword to represent
The brave warriors from long ago

Courage has had many enemies
But all have been no match
Except for one
Who always returns for another round
That enemy is Fear
Fear is logical
He sees the odds and laughs at anyone
Who even tries to go against them
Claims the failure to be true
Fear constantly asks to Courage
“What if?”
He gets into Courage’s thoughts
And gives him the harsh reality

But is the one
The one that gives him the power
To defeat Fear?
Two beautiful women
Who have guided him through his life;
Hope and Willpower
Hope shows him
That chances of victory rather than failure
Willpower fills him
With the strength and control to claim
The victory

A swing of the sword
The one filled with brave warriors
Defeats Fear
All of him
At least for now
So that Courage can keep going
Onward with his journey
Through all of our hearts
He wants to help us keep going
Courage is
The brave warrior
Inside of all of us

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