Wednesday, October 22, 2014


  Joe Pacnosa was a lovely young man. He was a straight A junior student, and possessed great physical strength. The only thing stopping him from being perfect was the fact he was blind. Born with the disability, unfortunately, he doesn't know what single thing could look like. He was compassionate to his family, which was his mother and his little sister Carly.

            And he lived in a city called Fitzville, which was just outside of New York City, and no normal people went there, for their own safety.

            The funny thing about him being blind-he always knew where something was. Telepathy, as you would call it. In fact, it seems that the only downfall to his lack of sight was just simply image.

            He also was a genius, and had a thing for tinkering and machinery. His bedroom is full of gadgets and gizmos, books upon books, and you could barely see the floor it was so cluttered. If this boy had a normal destiny or a normal life, he would be a master inventor. If.

            Once upon a time this jock was a rather rotund little boy, back in elementary school. He would get picked on for that, plus of his illegible handwriting, and he used to stutter quite a bit. And he continued to be picked day by day on until eighth grade, when gave a smack down to a fellow student. Or more like a smack forward, until the boy hit a wall, and nearly was crushed by the impact. Yes, that physical strength he had was immense. Though even after a few months the harassment started up again. Freshman year however, everyone had new attitudes for Joe. They loved him, admired him, but most importantly...

            ...everyone FEARED him.
            You see, he was had an unexpected visit once. It happened at night, for you see, most mystical, supernatural, and even dangerous events happen at night. He was practicing some basketball at the court. It started to rain, so not being to fond of the rain, he began to pack his things, but then wind began to blow, harder and harder every second. He couldn't move, and it only seemed to be around him. Trees were still, yet he could feel the wind. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and passed out. But, he saw a vision. There was a rather tall, sturdy figure above, and he spoke words of destiny...

            "Rise my child, and take my throne."

            Memories of an ancestry came flooding in, none of them being his own. Once he woke up, this had been determined: he was to become a king. A king of pure chaos.

            And he proved it. Evidence: sweet goodbyes to Herman Middle School. Torn down by wind and rain, electrical hay wires, earthquakes-all concentrated on that one area of the town. That one vicinity.  No where else. Not much, but definately death upon the staff and student body.

            And that is why one should never mess with Joe Pacnosa. Ever.


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