Friday, December 5, 2014

            My last dream of my very soul would be to live happily through life, no matter how short or long it is. I want to make it so that when I die, I know I left this world happy with my previous life. I want to complete everything I hoped to have done or started, so that my life, in my opinion, is coomplete.
            There many ways to keep myself happy. One way is for myself to never be lonely.  I want to meet new people and make new friends throughout. I wish to always have someone I can count of I ever do get lonely, to call or to text, or to even meet up with to converse. It also we keep my curiosity in check, meeting new people and exploring different cultures.
            Another thing to keep my spirits up would be doing whatever makes me satisfied; in other words, what I like to do. No matter what career I have, I want it to be in my interest, or something I personally find bewildering. My main two dream jobs that are the most expressive of my passion are to be a comic book artist, since I love to draw, and a geologist, since I have an interest in geology and rocks and minerals (It has always been my favorite subject in school, though one that I rarely learned about). Whatever career or activity, I want it to be enjoyable, to keep me positive, and, well, happy.
            And one last thing to keep me happy throughout my entire lifetime is to explore. I want to learn about the different ways that people live and the different environments around the world. They say knowledge is power, and learning new things in life could hopefully get me excited for the next day.

            In conclusion, life is something we only have one chance to do, so we must make it as worthy and possible. It will be easier to live and love if we do so. If you have a goal, go for it, if it makes you happy. Don't give up, don't let little things or people get you upset and make you want to give up; just do it. Be happy.   

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